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Adult 7v7 League Team Registration

Purpose: To increase the level of adult soccer competition across the state. 

Inaugural Season: Summer 2017


USASA Member Registration Fee: $300/team per weekend (Minot and Bismarck-Mandan Adult Soccer Associations are members) - (10 person team will pay around $60/player to play both weekends)
Non-USASA Member Registration Fee: $300/team per weekend plus $22/player registration fee
NDASL Hosted Sites - 2017 Summer Season

July 15-16th - Bismarck, ND
July 29th-29th - Minot, ND (State Finals)

The Adult League is played on a smaller field with 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper . This league is designed to give players more touches on the ball and to produce a fast paced exciting game with end to end action. Games are 50 minutes in length. Each team is guaranteed 2 games per weekend. Please contact for more information. 


All play will be governed by FIFA Laws except the following adaptations for 7v7 Format

You must have at least 5 players to begin play or the game will be forfeited. The clock will begin running when the referee signals the game to start. You will have a 15 minute grace period before your game will be called.


Anyone not in a uniform will not be permitted on the field during games.

Substitutions may be made on any dead-ball situation (corner kicks, throw-ins, free kicks, etc.). All substitutes must petition the official before entering the field of play.

Slide Tackling in not permitted at anytime. Goalkeepers are permitted to slide as long as they do not tackle feet first and it is not in an attempt to disrupt play. Referees will be responsible for determining intent.

All slide tackles will result in a direct kick. If the infraction occurs in the box, a penalty kick will be awarded.

Goal Keeper Distribution may not punt the ball or drop kick it over half field. Infraction of this rule will result in a direct free kick from the point where the ball crossed midfield.

Off-Sides only applies to those players who are in an offsides position in the opposing teams penalty area when the ball is played. Players outside the penalty area cannot be in an offside position. This includes the out areas of the box and not just the top of the penalty area.

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